Sell A Business

To buy or sell a business is a complicated process that takes months to complete. Finding the right commercial endeavor for sale is only part of this process.

Why a Broker Can Help Buy or Sell a Business

A broker is a good investment for those looking to buy or sell a business, for several reasons. A broker generally will help complete necessary paperwork. A brokerage firm will often offer appraisal, or valuation, services for both buyers and sellers. This can set the basic price for negotiations or help bring down a high starting price.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to working with a broker is access to multiple listing services like the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). Buyers can search the IBBA to find suitable companies for sale. Since so many prospective buyers use this list, those selling companies are smart to include their companies on the list. The only way to do this is to contract with a broker.

Even those looking for franchises can benefit from working with a broker. While it is possible to buy a franchise directly from the parent company, a broker can help negotiate a better deal for the franchisee. This can include smaller royalty payments, more flexibility in payment schedules, and better leases on property.

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