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RPI has helped hundreds of people open a business. We have excellent relationships with many of the major Franchises and Store Developers. We are sure that we can help you decide which opportunity would best suit you, based on your needs and budget. The first step in starting up any business is finding the right location. This process usually takes the most time of all of the steps. Not only is it essential to find the best location, but (when renting) the lease should be carefully negotiated, to insure that you get there at the most favorable price and have the maximum control of what you are able to do with the space. Tenant improvement issues and product restrictions can have a huge impact, not only on the cost of startup and the overhead but also whether or not the business can work as well. Sometimes it�s more favorable to purchase the property to go with the business. RPI can help you significantly in evaluating the worth of the property, by performing a Comparable Market Analysis and negotiate prices and terms. We can also help you create a Business Plan which can be used for many purposes including determining the feasibility of the business in that location and financing.