Buy A Business

Buying a business can take several different forms. Small companies and locations go on sale by the owners on a regular basis. Another way to get started with an established business is to buy a franchise.

How to Buy a Business

Buying a franchise allows you to quickly become a business owner. With a franchise, name recognition and customer loyalty are built in. Also, advertising is often handled by the company, rather than the individual owners. Prices, services and appearance are also generally uniform across all locations, so those decisions will not have to be made by the individual owners.

There are downsides to owning a franchise, however. In addition to the original sale cost of the franchise, individual owners often contribute a portion of their profits to the company as a whole. These contributions come in the form of royalties and advertising funds. These payouts cut into the net profits of the individual stores and may not necessarily be spent on the branch from which the funds came. Those who prefer to make all the decisions will probably be best served by a different type of start-up or pre-existing company.

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