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Business Brokerage

Business brokerage firms facilitate buying, selling and leasing companies and handle other business-related chores. Working with such a company offers several advantages over working alone.

The Advantages of a Business Brokerage Firm

A business brokerage company is a valuable asset for several reasons. First, the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) and other databases of companies for sale can only be posted to by a professional. Individuals cannot use the information on their own. That means that prospective buyers can only gain access to the most comprehensive lists of available companies through a broker!!.

A prospective buyer can get appraisal services, which are an important step in the buying or selling of a commercial enterprise. Companies must be appraised to determine selling price, to establish value for estate planning or in the case of partners splitting up.

The buying or selling process is long and complicated. It can often take months to complete the paperwork and navigate the legal requirements. A broker can help a buyer find financing through leases or loans. He or she can also facilitate mergers and acquisitions, which require a lot of careful legal work.

RPI Commercial is a full-service brokerage company. In addition to helping prospective buyers find the right business, RPI helps complete the legal process, represents tenants and landlords, and offers business-planning services to help establish a new company or transfer an existing one. For more information, contact RPI by phone at 1-877-549-5210 or by email at