Hiring a commercial real estate broker to provide site location help can save a business owner time, effort and money. Brokers can search for locations in a wide range of areas and make recommendations for the best location sites.

While finding the right location site is very important, negotiating a fair lease for that site is equally important. A business property lease is not exactly the same as a residential rental contract, and, without help, an uninformed business owner can be cheated by a savvy landlord.

Site Location and Lease Negotiation Help from a Broker
Understanding the components of a business lease can help business owners negotiate fair terms. Some things to look out for include:


  • Percentage rent costs. If included, stores can negotiate at what point these fees kick in.
  • Utilities fees. A store can request separate meters for utilities to avoid paying too much.
  • Relocation clauses. A landlord should not be able to relocate a store unless there are construction issues with the building. Landlords should pay relocation costs.
  • Sale of Premises. The contract should prohibit the landlord from terminating the lease by selling the property unless all relocation expenses are paid.

A commercial real estate broker can help a business navigate the murky waters of a commercial property lease and negotiate a deal that protects the company. RPI Commercial has years of experience with commercial location searches and tenant representation. Call toll free at 1-877-549-5210 or send an email to info@rpicommercial.com for more information.




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